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All the Right Features for the Bulk Electrical Documents

EDes – Electrical

 EDes is designed to create the bulk Electrical documentation from MCC to the field including:

  • MCC Single Line Diagrams,
  • Motor Schematic Diagrams,
  • Connection Diagrams,
  • Cable Block Diagrams,
  • MCC Load List,
  • Motor Lists,
  • Cable Lists,
  • Electrical Device Lists,
  • different Costing Reports, 
  • etc.

Some of EDes unique features are: 

  • Bulk tools where one can create a new design from scratch, combining the bulk Cable Import tool that creates cable layouts at super fast speeds and Speed tools to build standard information from Libraries that will create the Schematic diagram details and documents.
  • Racking and Routing to route cables on the selected racks and then be able to calculate the cable Lengths, rack Used Width, Unit Weight per meter for the racks and the Derating Value for the routed cables. 
  • Cable Sizing calculations using the derating value and cable lengths as well as the associated load, using the configurable criteria’s like multiple Cores or single core but multiple Parallel cables, Load Capacity, Running Volt Drop and Startup Volt Drop to select the closest or bigger cable in your cable library within EDes project.
  • Generating a MCC Load List report using the Load Efficiency factors calculating the Running Load, Average Efficiency, Maximum Demand load, etc. 

EDes has many other features like:

  • User Access Control to the application and data,
  • Interfaces to PLC/DCS and SCADA systems,
  • Hookups,
  • Datasheets,
  • OtherDocs with Excel documents like Cable Check Sheet, Cable Pull Slip, etc.
  • Customizable Report Builder with many pre-defined reports,
  • Change Monitoring,
  • Intelligent Redlining with Workflow Process where pre-defined users will be notified for every change and where each workflow can be approved or declined.
  • And more..
OtherDocs Module

CABLE Installation check sheet

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